Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So the next morning we were to be ready to go at 11.30 am.  I was wiped from the day before, and also feeling sore from hitting the deck on friday so I decided to take sunday off.  The girls went riding for a little bit in waves so we could manage the shower situation.  I didn't ride so while they were out  I showered and got ready before the chaos.  We arrived at the hotel where we were to have television interviews with the press and  newspapers and what not...BIG DEAL! hole mole i didn't realize how big this thing was going to be! All of our sponsors were sitting at this table, and were honored during the team presentation.  We were all introduced to the crowed, it was this formal sit down lunch ( well really long luch i would say!) with how ever many courses we had...apperitivo, primi, secondi...you name it! then in the end this huge cake was brought and i was this huge celebration! it was supercool! Actually the real celebration started later...when we were all having shots of "prosecco",  dancing and having a great time...finally!! hehe!! then came monday...with the DS trying to make us pay for it!! haha! it was all good!! ;o) bring it!
PS: the links on the right have the pictures of the presentation! 


Heather Sborz said...

soooooooooo proud!!! :P lil flave is famous lol! gonna miss ya at Redlands!

johnhou said...

Hi Flavia; love your Blog...Tuesday noon rides just aren't the same without you whipping us all into shape! ;-)

Take care and keep movin'


"Scottie" John from the noon rides

Cavallino47 said...

That's awesome Flavia! That's cool. Thanks for the post.