Monday, March 23, 2009

hell day...DAY #2!

wow...I am not even sure how I can start this one! There are just one too many things to be said about this race day.  I think that the best way to tell this one is to start from the end.  yes! backwards!! totally! So I learned on our way back home that the team bus ( oh ya the one we have been traveling on!) ran out of brakes...completely! well not only the thought of that was freaking scary but that also meant NO FEED for us! OMG! I raced 3.5hrs of FULL ON ALL OUT in the gusty wind with deep dish alum wheels on 1 bottle of mix that I had made for myself since (USUALLY ) we have our bikes ready to go with at least 1 bottle of acqua.  That was NOT the case this time, when I went to reach for my second bottle...well it was EMPTY!! HOLY CRAP! I just couldn't believe it! So I told myself that can hang till the feed zone... that was 50km mark we were almost to the went by the feed zone and there was no one from the team to feed us! I was thinking to myself ...WTF! Sorry but at that point there were not many pleasant thoughts going through my mind or words  coming out of my mouth....oops...well...I am sure you can understand why! the race was 112km long and no more feeds were allowed (roadside) after 80km.  I had worked so hard to make the cut ( out of the almost 200 racers only 50 finish usually...and you better be in that group if you want a chance to contest a race) but coming along the 80km mark i broke down and had to call for the car which i did not want to do since we were approaching the end .  I had no choice, not having water for so long in the wind, and the efforts and unable to feed myself since I had nothing to wash it down is just not good...not power producing...not smart...not gonna work for much longer on an empty tank.  Finally when the team car got to me and i grabbed the 2 bottles there was surge right before the steep narrow but short climb that I couldnt get to fast enough after getting my bottles....well...I got in trouble...with the DS but the way i look at it I was already in i finished in the chase group.  ;o(     live and learn step at a time. 

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