Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th

so today we had our team training ride.  we were supposed to have a similar session to what we had on tues, 100km in 3hrs...oh ya and not all flat either...there is some climbing in there too...we were averaging 40-45km in our rotating paceline...holy about finding the 'E' to go up the climbs after pushing the pace like oh so hard! either way, on our way out of lucca, heading towards the coast, we were rotating through at 35km/hr on this not so busy road with very open crossroad, as this car coming from a crossroad on to the main road came on us as we rode by .  It was chaos.  The car came from the left side, and we were rotating from the left to the right which put rosane and i *the ones who went down* between the car and the riders on the right other words not a pretty picture...her carbon frame is cracked long ways on the top tube,  scrapped knee, i have a massive contusion on my right buttcheeck elbow and knee, but thankfully no broken bones!! we spent 6hrs between police reports, hospital, xray etcs etc....if there is one thing i learned about italy today is that there is no such word as efficiency in their vocabulary!!! hole do they cope!!??  


HSborz said...

ahhhhhh! That totally sucks! Get better!!!

Rod said...

Sorry to hear about the incident. Glad to hear that it turned out the outcome was not any worse than bruising and damaged bikes. Hope you heal quickly.