Tuesday, March 17, 2009


wow...let me start out with that...I have never been so tired like this before..to tell you the truth I would rather be training/racing than so another one of those things!! Day #1 started at 8:30am.  I had been up since 5:30am(for those of you how know me...you know what a HUGE deal that is) to ride the rollers and talk to Nathan on skype since my friend let me borrow his mac charger cable..yay! All the ( 10) girls all staying at the apartment ( 3 bedrooms, 1 shower, 1 small kitchen) we were stacked up to the ceiling!! But we all managed without killing each other.... haha...that is a good sign right? So after our departure, we went to Michela Fanini's grave and paid our respects to this phenomenal champion that she was.  It was very sad, to see a father and a mother stand by their daughter's grave, but also very honoring to be part of the team that carries on her dream.  And there were PICTURES LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES ...ALL DAY LONG! Then we proceeded to the "commune" in cappanori where we live.  that is the city hall and we met with the Higher-ups, they expressed how proud they are to support our team. Then we went to Brunellos shop where we hopped on our bikes for a ride to one of our sponsor Rox (shoe company)  and we were filmed along the way then took more pictures we got there...after that we rode to Brunello's house were we took more pictures..did i say we took pictures yet??? right...well by then this lil one here was not willing to smile at cameras anymore cuz I was starving!! once we finally left brunello's we went to have lunch ( at 2.30pm) uuuufff!! it was a long day.....but there is more....to be continued!

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