Sunday, March 22, 2009

in the presence of greatness!DAY1

So...this past weekend (march 20, 21, and 22)we had a block of 3 one-day races! the first 2 days were the worst not only because of the tough course but also because of the massive wind! Also the presence of the most powerful teams like Cervelo (Kristin Armstrong), Bigla, Team Vision 1(Nicole Cooke's team), and Mariane Vos's team, Equipe Nuremberger, Flexpoint, amongst many others.  200 riders app. HOLY CRAP! just that in itself is pretty amazing! Usually only 60 finish! I have finished in the top 30 OR SO. but holy cow it is sooo hard to move in the pack! it takes soo much energy! I have learned a lot in one weekend! And learned the full throttle feeling! awesome!! learning as i go.  It is sooo key to stay in good position...but how the F do u do that when you have to move past almost 200 people!! oh yeah...just do it...where there is a will there is a way! its crazy! and i love it! it gave me an entirely different respect for the women's cyclists.  it is sooo hard to get up there and then respond to the final move ...the constant attacks the super duper fast pace, the well planned and delivered tactics from the powerhouse teams.  just amazing! can't wait to soak it all in!! 

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chris said...

cool ...if you roll by em and tuck in its all about finding the right spot to do so with least effort involved...keep pedaling during any lull and move up just in big bits ..