Friday, March 13, 2009

and then...and then...NO MORE AND THEN!!

well how can i start!!??so much has happened! I don't even know if  I can fit it all in one post. But if you have not yet been made aware of the fact that I have a burned charger cable for my mac, and have been completely allienated from planet earth, a lot has happened since then.  I had my first euro race in brissago, switz on marchc 7th.  That was AWESOME! i must say i am actually pleased with my race! it was all i thought it would be...VERY HARD!SHOOT...I LOVED IT..GIMME SOME MO OF IT! it was very windy, and there were very steep short (3km long) climbs (10%) with even steeper descents(20%) ...a real rollercoaster! I made the front group during the last 2 circuits to the finish, then on the last one, i just didn't have enough saved up in the tank to respond to a surge, and a consequent gap that was opened by the rider in front of me...i finished 26th, and jeanie "grandma' longo took 2nd!! holy cow i want to get old like her!!  i will be posting pictures as soon as i get my charger !! the area was gorgeous and the trip was very short...i think that they were afraid we would get our hands on some yummy swiss chocolate....I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS ACTUALLY THERE AND DID NOT HAVE ANY!!AAARRRH!!

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