Tuesday, February 24, 2009

team captain!

So this is pretty much what we do when we get back from training ...EAT or I should say MANJA!Rosane Kirch is our team captain or CAPO in italian...and the little one is Samantha...Sammy!
I am realizing that even the smallest things take sooo long here in italy.  Our entire day is filled somehow...not to mention that the entire town closes down for siesta..from 1 til 330.  Nothing stays open, from gas stations to post offices LOL not even our own bike shop! Basically you just can't get anything done. So wierd, sundays and mondays are totally dead days as well.  It is like dead city..total opposite of the US.  Most of our day is consumed with training, stretching, doing laundry, cooking, visiting sponsors, etc.  It is definitely hard to understand where our days go! We have one vehicle to be shared amongst the 4 of us who live in the team house. One of our teammates doesn't know how to drive.  The other one has to be dropped off at 330 mon-fri where she works a fews hours to make a few more euros...guess who ends up doing all the running around?? lol...yeah...seems silly...but that's how they do it...it's the italian way...the hard way!

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