Sunday, February 8, 2009

First ride!

Even though I felt a little tired from the flight and the long to do list ( and very little time to get it done!)  me and my new teammates ( Carmen Small(USA), Carly Hibberd(Aus), Rosane Kirch(Bra), Sara Grif (Ita)i ,Serena Mensa(Ita) and Samantha Galassi(Ita) went on a 3hr ride on the most epic climbs and scenery I had seen! We were by the sea and the mountains and it was just beautiful! I could careless at that point if was just to go for an easy spin...I wanted to go and see all that this place had to offer!Viareggio is very popular place for vacation  amongst the italians and cyclists for training camps because of the nicer weather. Unfortunately this year it hasn't been so nice, it has been raining off and on, actually more on than anything else.  Let me tell you is very hard to be confined in a hotel room with people right up in your face questioning you about the way you do everything you do ! I guess I was feeling the same way about them! 

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