Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So much has happened since the last time I posted a blog.  I didn't feel I could write anything because things were constantly changing.  People leaving, and new people coming.  So much up in the air. I didn't even know what to make of it all myself.  Sometimes it is better to give it time for things to settle a bit and to process everything.  Our first loss was Carmen she returned to the US, after we returned from Holland.  We all miss her very much, but after talking to her since she has been back home she sounded much much happier, she made the right decision for her, seems like.  Then shortly after tour de Bern, Alessia was the other one who was also out of the team.  Hole mole! The same day that Alessia  left to go home the team owner and DS had big news for us.  We had two new additions to the team. Ok...brace yourselves.... Tatiana Guderzo...she took 3rd in the Olympics last year in the road race.  Also her national teammate Monia Baccaile. WOW!!!What I was flattered, excited and nervous...nervous because I want to be able to support my teammates. I hope I can live up to it! I have raced with them in local races before, local meaning in Italy only, since their current team is not UCI one of the reasons why they both joined our team ,the other reason to why they've joined us is because they are both sponsored by Campagnolo and Pinarello and Bora wheels and the bigger teams just could not accommodate their needs, lucky for us I suppose! Too bad we can't get on the same stuff that their on ...cheeky me! 

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