Friday, April 3, 2009

no rest for the weary!

so  i finally was able to fall asleep at 4 am! and at 8:30 I hear this knock on my bedroom door.  It's Rosane telling me that she needed my passport and my italian immigration documents.  Apparently Brunello had  a dream that we were at the airport and unable to travel into Belgium. So he came by the house early to grab our documents and get to the immigration right away to make sure everything was ok for the 3 of us to travel, actually the 4 of us, Rosane needed to get her documents squared away as well. Needless to say I was completely out of it this morning and had no clue what the heck was going on....but all i knew is that we might now not be traveling to Belgium and Holland.  I gave my passport to Rosane and tried to fall back asleep but at that point my brain kept me awake wondering whether or not we were going to make it to this race or i got up stretched, and was in the middle of having breakfast when Rosane's cell phone rang and it didn't sound good.  She was kitted up ready to go for a ride and was told that we (all 4 of us) needed to be at the "questura" (aka immigration) at 11 am. By then it was already 9:45am.  There was nothing else to do but wait when then wait some more when we got there. Apparently we didn't have the permanent immigration papers only the temporary, and if you knew how the italians are efficient that would not come as a big surprise to could take months to get the simplest things done! Aware of the situation Brunello pulled a few strings and got our permanent paperwork ;o)  so now we are good to go! Belgium+Holland watch out here we come! 

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Heather Sborz said...

haha try Ambien to sleep :P jk jk GOOD LUCK RACING!!!!