Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interesting reads

• Nathan Wallace tested positive for Oxilofrine (stimulant) at the Queensland Natural Physique Titles. Mr Wallace received a three-month period of ineligibility which commenced on 4 October 2008, being time already served.

To give you the truth about what happened with Nathan Wallace. He failed for Oxilofrine which came from ALRI Hyperdrive. An over the counter supplement used by plenty of natural competitors. He also contacted the INBA/ASADA about whether the product was on the banned list before he took his sponsorship from ALRI and was told by the INBA/ASADA that it was fine to take.

Oxilofrine does not appear on the list of ingredients on the bottle (of Hyperdrive) anywhere and Oxilofrine can't be bought as a single product in Australia. The product has since been taken of the shelves in Australia by the TGA.

Now, here's what I learned in retrospect. When ALRI first put out Hyperdrive, it was called 'Venom' Hyperdrive. It was marketed as a powerful B vitamin. Then, after athletes started getting popped for oxilofrine violations, they put a synonym for oxilofrine on their label called methyl synephrine. If an athlete (like me) researched the product prior to the label change (see label before change in the post below), they would have no way of knowing.

Let me say, right now, all I'm trying to do is find a way to sleep at night.

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